Planning a baby Shower? Create your gift list with Blue Almonds


Choose the gift list that allows you to combine everything you’ve ever dreamed of for your baby, all in one place.

We understand that choosing where to place your gift list whatever the occasion is- be it Baby shower, Christening or First Birthday, is an important decision. Our service is designed for Mums who want unrivalled choice, complete flexibility and exceptional service. Whether you choose to build your list online or would prefer to come and relax in our beautiful Walton Street boutique, we want to make your gift list experience one to remember.

Creating your gift list
At Blue Almonds we’ve made creating gift lists easier than ever: just choose your favourite products and email your list to your friends. With our interactive system, your friends can log in at their convenience and choose the right gift for you, while you can check the status of your gift list and make alterations and additions.


Although we are not able to put goods on hold for you while your gift list remains open, we make sure we are doing everything we can to get the item back in stock as soon as possible providing it is not sold out or discontinued.

Get the gifts you want from the people you want them from! Click HERE to create your gift list.