New for Spring 2015: Blue Almonds Javier Atela

Posted in The World of Blue Almonds: New In on April 1st, 2015

When was the last time you took your children’s artwork out of a folder or box and showed it off with pride?
Now, with the help of Javier Atela at the Blue Almonds store you can turn this drawing into a spectacular and utterly unique painting, which remains true to the child’s original style. The perfect addition to any family home! New for spring 2015, BLUE ALMONDS is offering its customers a unique opportunity to create bespoke artwork from renowned Spanish artist Javier Atela.

Javier Atela specialises in turning your child’s drawings into spectacular artworks which your family will treasure for years. Born in 1957, Javier Atela studied art for many years, and his works have already been exhibited globally from New York to Rome.


Atela’s unique methodology and the style of his artwork were inspired by a collaborative painting he created from the drawings of his first child, Gabriela. The excitement of working with his daughter in this way persuaded the artist to share this unique method of creating art with families all over the world. Today, Javier Atela offers his clients a fun and memorable way to showcase what their child has created, by making full-size paintings based on their own original drawings and sketches. Starting by taking one or a series of your child’s designs, abstract or figurative, Atela expands upon the original imagery to create a unique artwork, and a lasting memory the whole family will cherish.


Hopping Bunny


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Royal Collection Small Crown Cushion


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