Iza’s Top 10 for your Christmas Wishlist

Posted in The World of Blue Almonds: Iza's Favourites on December 17th, 2014

1. Dreaming of a Woolly Christmas
Exclusively designed by Queen of Cashmere, Madeleine Thompson, the woolly beanie is one of the top items to get your little one this Christmas. They are super cosy, adorable, and perfect for the winter season. No need for your little one to feel chilly, with the beanies they will only feel stylish. Also available in blue and cream. Prices are £65

2. Get Comfy and Cosy with Christmas Cushions
These are one of my favourite items for Christmas. The Blue Almonds Christmas cushions are the perfect must have. Your guests will feel envious when they spot the unique yet adorable Christmas cushions in your living room. They are ideal for giving that festive sparkle to your home, maybe even a great gift for a baby’s nursery. Prices start at £65

3. Sleigh bells ring…
What better Christmas treat then a fun toy allowing your children to use their imagination to the fullest. Practical, so cute and what should be on every Christmas list. You little ones will have so much fun for only £112

4. Hop to it
This chair is my favourite piece of furniture to date and it is the picture-perfect addition to a fairy-tale style room. The unique piece is a playful and elegant gift for any little rascal. It is made in the finest material and designed with exceptional taste. The Rabbit Chair is the most original present for Christmas and is sure to stay in the nursery for years to come. Price around £4,000.

5. Baby its Cold Outside
A blanket is every child’s best friend. I couldn’t leave the house without my son’s favourite blanket. Now your little ones can have their favourite comforters with the exclusive collection from Madeleine Thompson at Blue Almonds. We have lots of styles available in a variety of colours, wool blends and dreamy soft cashmere prints too. Price from £195.

6. New Winter Baby
What better way to welcome a new member of the family this Christmas. As the Duchess of Cambridge teaches us – Blue Almonds’ cribs are the perfect gift for your little royals. I think they are the perfect blend of elegance and practicality. I would say they are a traditional item that is coming back into fashion again this year. Prices from £164

7. Wood you play with me?
As contemporary kids are always surrounded by media I thought to bring a little old fashion fun back this Christmas is substantial. The wooden grocery market store is the perfect gift to stimulate your children’s imagination and takes us back to our time with a little melancholy. Prices start at £500

8. Sweet Little Lullaby’s
‘Happy Mummy, Happy Baby’ that is one thing I always remember my friends saying to me. The one thing I needed was sleep, so I had to make sure my son slept well too. The musical pillow was a God send. Available in many colours the pillows are beautiful and so soothing when trying to drift babies to sleep. The intricate snowman detail allows it to be a magical present under the Christmas tree, £145.

9. Picture this!
What a better way to celebrate if not with a personalised frame to remember his first Christmas? It’s the most original way to decorate the walls of his room and one of my favourite new ideas for this season. At Blue Almonds we have a great selection of personalised frames all year long, but the Christmas ones are always my favourite. Prices start at £95

10. My Winter Ride
I have always favoured wooden toys but this piece is quite unique and holds a special place in my heart for this Christmas. The adorable wooden sheep rocking toy is a pretty ‘first ride’ for your little adventurer. It’s almost too beautiful to play with. Price: £295.

11. Warp Up in A New Way
Snow is falling all around us indeed – with the cold nights soon to get colder the most ideal accessory for any child is a sleeping bag. Well I suggest a cashmere sleeping bag with a hood. Your little darling will look adorable in this attire. Slip in the pram or in the cot for cosy tootsies, all night long. The exclusive collection from the Madeleine Thompson sleeping bag is the right one for the job and is £225.

12. Dr Seuss says So.
There is nothing more festive for a child than a good book – now at Blue Almonds you can prepare for Christmas with ‘The Grinch That Stole Christmas.’ Apart from a hot chocolate there is nothing else they need to enjoy Christmas Day. Price: £12.99