Dreading the lighter evenings? Bedtime tips for summer months

Posted in The World of Blue Almonds: Iza's Favourites on March 15th, 2018

Saving sleep in the Spring

As the clocks Spring forward and our nights and mornings get lighter your baby may find it harder to settle down and stay asleep. We asked Kerry Secker -the Care It Out Sleep Consultant for her top 3 tips to save your sleep during Spring:

1) Black it out for bed

Using black out blinds in the nursery can help your baby produce their sleep hormone melatonin helping them to settle and stay asleep.

2) Bath before bed

A warm and calm bath before  not only signals to your baby that it’s sleepy time it also helps your baby produce their sleep hormone which in turn helps sleep.

3) Count down to the cot

Lighter evenings can make it harder for your baby to know it’s sleepy time so having a consistent bedtime routine helps cue your baby that it’s bedtime.


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